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Key performance indicators

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CSR within Hera

Corporate Social Responsibility within Hera

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Objectives and performance

What we said were going to do,
what we did,
what we will do...

Every year in our Sustainability Report we outline our objectives and analyse our results in a transparent manner.

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What we did

Hera publishes VedoHera, the Group's quarterly online newsletter which focuses on sustainability and issues of quality, safety and the environment.

Get more information: VedoHera, the newsletter on sustainability - VedoHera, the newsletter on sustainability

The project falls within a three-year experimental program of certification and traceability of materials recovery downstream of waste collection.

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The daily emissions from Hera's waste-to-energy plants can be viewed on the Group' s website, where they are updated every 30 minutes.

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The "In good water" report provides information on the quality of drinking water. The data on the water quality are updated on the site every half year.

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